Parting Out Diesel Motors

We are always looking to increase our inventory, and as such we buy Duramax, Cummins (12v and 24v) and Powerstroke motors as we are able to. We prefer later-model if possible. On the Cummins, I'll buy 1994 and later models; on Duramax I'll buy 2001 and later models; on Powerstroke I'll buy 1999 and later motors. If you are asking over $1,000, I'm probably not going to be interested. Although we prefer those motors within a 2-3 hour drive from Atlanta, exceptions can be made depending on what you have, how much you want and where you are located.

We prefer motors that are already removed from the vehicle. If you run a salvage yard, we buy overstock as well.

I'll buy them running, not running, locked up or thrashed with holes in the block. Just depends on what parts are still there, the condition and how much you are asking. I work with several businesses that build diesel motors and we are always in need of various parts. I'm not looking to buy individual pieces, so if you have less than a long-block, I'm not interested. Having said that, I usually will buy diesel injectors and diesel fuel pumps separately, so let me know what you have available.

We require pictures of the motor for sale, price you are asking, description (including make/model, mileage, condition, known problems, motor history, etc.) as well as the location where the motor is. If you are local, we can either pay a little if you want to deliver, or we can come to you to inspect and pick up. If you don't have a motor hoist, just let us know and we can bring one with us. If you aren't local, we have a freight company we use that can pick it up at your location. It would need to be strapped to a pallet securely, and be at a location where an 18-wheeler can turn around (neighborhoods with regular cul-de-sacs are fine, just no dead-end streets without turn-arounds).

Here is what we usually buy (note, even if what you have doesn't fit the description below, still contact us as we may have a buyer):

LB7, LLY, LBZ & LMM Motors. Complete, not complete, etc. We will also buy them with high mileage, blown head gaskets, etc.

12v Turbo motors, 24v motors, etc. 1994-1998 on the 12 valve motors, 1999 and up on the 24 valve motors. We will also buy them with high mileage, blown head gaskets, etc.

1999 to 2004 on the 7.3L motors, and 2004-up on the 6.0L motors. We will also buy them with high mileage, blown head gaskets, etc.

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